Sunday, 20 February 2011

Recent Activeties

Sorry about the delay boys, girls and badgers. Real life has just been keeping me busy at the moment with all sorts of things, so although I have been busy hobby wise I have not had time to photograph and post things.

So what's new you may ask? Well a couple of things. A Fistful of Sixes is progressing slowly as I am trying to make the thing flow a lot more. Both in mechanics and in the language used (want to avoid ending up like the Flames of War rulebook if possible). I am also digging out and reworking a set of starship rules which I called Shoulder of Orion and revisiting the setting I first wrote for an aborted rpg campaign from seven or so years ago.

Central Solar Union Icarus class light fighter
Model is made of 40k components such as plasma pistols
Shoulder of Orion was an attempt to make a spaceship combat game based on a fighter squadron rather than a fleet and to have individual pilots earn experience and skills. The game was inspired by series like Battlestar Galactica and novels such as the Star Wars Rogue Squadron series. I was also inspired by computer games such as Colony Wars and more recently Galaxy on Fire on the iPhone. The system needs a reworking to streamline gameplay and the campaign system needs finishing, but hopefully once I get more fighters built it will be ready for some playtests.

Well the painting table is starting to look like a battlefield. Quite literally...

The Duke of Wellington issues orders 
Scots Grays advance through French artillery fire
Last year I began a project that fell through because I was taking too long to paint things. I have since gone back to it and managed to figure out a way to paint a group of 8 British Line Infantry in under 4 hours. So in the last week I have dug out and dusted out my Victrix and Perry Miniatures British Napoleonic miniatures as well as acquiring a French army on the cheap. The intention is to create two armies for Warlord Games excellent Black Powder rules. The British are coming along well with a unit of cavalry and two units of infantry painted. The French need some work. The danger's alas of second hand bargains are a series of broken bayonettes and missing backpacks, despite this a unit of Old Guard Grenadiers are painted.

I have to admit before last year I never had an interest in gaming the period, but my research of uniforms and campaigns has really inspired me. I committed to doing the Waterloo campaign early on as I thought painting gray trousers would be easier than painting white trousers. However I have to say I kind of wished I did the Peninsular War instead, as it has more scope (and officers in bicorns look great!).

33rd West Riding Regiment advance with the colours
I have only played one game of Black Powder. And for an extremely quirky game with some odd ideas, its an extremely entertaining system to play. Its easy to pick up and play and extremely quick flowing. I was incredibly impressed with it and to be honest have been looking forwards to the next opportunity to play.

In other news, this month sees me pick up yet another system! (On the cheap mind you!) After lots of wheeler dealing and swaps, I managed to amass myself an army for Flames of War. Since there were three of us starting at the same time, all getting started with a basic company plus one or two support options, we decided to do the armies Tale of Four (well three) Gamers style. As such I am starting a British Paratroopers force based on John Frost's defence of Arnheim bridge as depicted in A Bridge Too Far. My two friends have started U.S. Infantry and German Panzergrenadiers. More on them next time when I will share my initial impressions on Flames of War and show you how I am progressing with painting 15mm for the first time.

Until Next Tim,

-Banchou Badger

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